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The Reporting Services Job Monitor (RSJM) allows you to monitor the status of long running reports in Microsoft Reporting Services or just see who is looking at what reports in real time. Long running reports (anything more than about 10 mins) when executed as a snapshot either cause the Reporting Services front-end to time out, or to return you the Home page - with no indication that the report is still rendering in the background. This small utility polls the RS webservice to return a list of jobs currently running, and logs the start and finish time of jobs. Optionally also notifies via a notification balloon.


Version 1.1 released. This adds the ability to alter polling time and web service URL on the fly, and also includes CAS declarations to limit the application's access to resources.

Plans for the future include producing a Vista Gadget to display information about running jobs.

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If you like the application, and are a UK business, make me an job offer I can't refuse! If you are Microsoft, just make me an offer! :)

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